These men serve as Zion Elders

The Board of Elders shall:

1) Assist the Pastor with spiritual life of the congregation through regular visitations
2) Supervise public worship and assist as needed
3) Be responsible for the physical needs of the Professional Church workers
4) Insure that confirmands are adequately instructed
5) Make the congregation aware of social ministry needs

Each elder serves a certain household group.

Dana Nelson:                   Kirsch - Morkrid

Glenn Houle:                   Aase - Carlin

Christiaan Olivier:        Chapman - Gardner

Keith Kemkes: Chairman Gehring- Hausman

Rick Ashling:                    Hayden - King

Dick Mucha:                     Morris - Rehmke

Josh Whiting:                  Reicherts - Sorenson

Roger Panzer:                  Sosebee - Walton

Bill Morris:                       Wangen - Zenk



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